Anthropology major makes grad school plans

Miranda Kucinski '21 has been accepted into the Masters in Anthropology program at Lund University in Sweden. We asked her about her inspirations and her future plans.


Q: What got you interested in anthropology to begin with? Was there a specific course, or assignment, that captured your imagination?


A: I took Professor Mickel’s class on tourism which greatly impacted my perspective and academic path. I always knew I was interested in culture, travel, and similar subjects because it’s what I found myself reading and thinking about. It wasn’t until that class where I was able to put a label on my interests more broadly--that label being anthropology. Tourism remains one of my primary interests in the field. 

Q: Why did you decide to pursue graduate studies in social anthropology?


A: Mainly because I think it’s important, and I think it’s special. It’s important to continue to learn about the world and environments around you. I find myself analyzing things in different ways and constantly making new discoveries. There is always more to learn and I have just gotten my feet wet.  

Q: What sorts of questions do you hope to research as an anthropologist?

A: I hope to research how tourists can serve as liaisons of cultural exchange, and the impacts of the tourism industry more broadly in developed countries. I am also interested in comparing the impacts of migration in the U.S. with Sweden in terms of crime, societal perceptions, and more. Why are the attitudes towards refugees so different in these countries?  

Q: Why did you apply to grad programs in Sweden? 

A: I had the opportunity to study abroad in Stockholm during the spring semester 2020. I found myself to be particularly interested in Nordic culture, and when I left I still had many questions. I continue to apply what I learn in the classroom at Lehigh and reflect on my experience and studies abroad. The Master’s program at Lund University will allow me to explore this further.