David B. Small

Lehigh University Sociology and Anthropology - David B. Small
Professor of Anthropology, Department of Sociology & Anthropology
31 Williams Drive, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18015
Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 1983
State formation; complex societies; theoretical approaches in archaeology; economic archaeology; historical ecology; Mesoamerican archaeology.

Research Interests

  • State Formation
  • Complex Society
  • Theoretical Approaches in Archaeology
  • Economic Archaeology
  • Historical Ecology
  • Mesoamerican Archaeology
  • Texts and Archaeology
  • Architecture and Society
  • Mediterranean Archaeology
  • Mortuary Archaeology
  • Heterarchy


Courses taught

  • General Anthropology
  • Environment and Culture
  • Intro. Physical Anthropology
  • General Archaeology
  • Social Evolution of Complex Organizations
  • Greek Archaeology
  • Roman Archaeology
  • Archaeology of Mesoamerica
  • Archaeological Method and Theory
  • Archaeological Field Methods
  • Archaeology of Interaction
  • Ancient Technology
  • Greek and Roman Cultures
  • Ancient Cities
  • Anthropology of Death and Dying
  • Social Theory
  • Comparative Early Civilizations
  • Archaeology of Death
  • Analysis of Archaeological Materials
  • Archaeology and the Media
  • Ancient Architects at Work
  • Historical Archaeology
  • Elementary Ancient Greek
  • Intermediate Ancient Greek
  • Blood, Pyramids, and the Tree of Life
  • Archaeological Field School

Recent Publications

  • Factoring the Countryside into Urban Populations, in Populations and Preindustrial Cities: A Cross-Cultural Perspective, edited by G. Storey, University of Alabama Press. 2006.
  • Reconstructing the Diet of Rancho del Rio’s Inhabitants by Paleoecological and Archaeological Methods, Alison Diefenderfer, David Small, Zichen Yu, Aaron Shugar. 34th International Symposium of Archaeological Sciences. 2006.
  • The Space and Place of Death. With H. Silverman. American Anthropological Association. 2002.