David Casagrande awarded research prize

Dr. David Casagrande, Associate Professor of Anthropology, has received the 2015 Robert C. and Virginia L. Williamson Award for Social Research, which recognizes the best published research in the social sciences in Lehigh University's College of Arts and Sciences. He shares the award with Professor Gordon Moskowitz of the Department of Psychology. The paper David co-authored with Charles Peters, entitled "Ecomyopia Meets the Longue Durée: An Information Ecology of the Increasingly Arid Southwestern United States," was published in the Routledge edited volume Environmental Anthropology: Future Directions in 2013.

Bravo, David!

At right: Professor Emeritus Robert Williamson flanked by 2015 Williamson Prize winners Gordon Moskowitz (L) and David Casagrande (R), taken at Lehigh's 2015 annual awards banquet.