Heather Johnson, TRAC star

Heather Johnson, Associate Professor of Sociology, has been recognized by Lehigh's TRAC Writing Fellows Program as the program's Spring 2015 "Faculty TRAC Star." The recognition is for her dedication to working with her students to develop their skills as writers.

In the words of Writing Fellow Liz Pines, "Heather Johnson is committed to the success of her students as writers, and therefore was a perfect fit for a partnership with the TRAC Program. One of her core objectives was to improve the way students use writing to explain and synthesize complex sociological concepts. Heather encourages creative and reflective writing and has high expectations of her students and the Fellows she works with. Entirely open to new ideas and collaboration, Heather took feedback very seriously and made strides to adopt new practices in the classroom and through her carefully crafted assignments to further strengthen her students' writing."

Congratulations, Heather!