Jackie Krasas

Jackie Krasas -- Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Professor of Sociology​, Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Southern California, 1995

Courses taught
Women's Work in Global Perspective
Race, Gender, and Work
Inequalities in Employment
Introduction to Women's Studies
Theories of Labor Relations
Organizational Theory

Recent Publications
Rogers, J.K. (2000) Temps: The Many Faces of the Changing Workplace. Ithaca, NY: Cornell/ILR Press. (original edition)

Rogers, J.K. (2001) "Just A Temp: Experience and Structure of Alienation in Temporary Clerical Employment," Reprinted in (eds.) Daniel B. Cornfield, Karen E. Campbell, Holly
J. McCammon, Working in restructured workplaces: challenges and new directions for the sociology of work. Thousand Oaks, Sage Publications, pp. 229-250.

Rogers, J.K. (First Author) and Henson, K.D. (2002) “‘Hey, Why Don’t You Wear a Shorter Skirt?’ Structural Vulnerability and the Experience of Sexual Harassment in Temporary Clerical Employment, Reprinted in (eds.) Dana Dunn and Workplace: Women’s Place. (Edited Volume, Second Edition) AMY WHARTON’S BOOK