Judy Lasker assesses international service work

What do Americans' short-term service trips abroad achieve, and what benefits do the communities targeted by these projects receive? Judy Lasker, Professor of Sociology, has spent much of the last few years studying these questions in different settings around the globe. Concentrating on health-related projects, she has carried out fieldwork on international volunteer work in Ghana, Haiti, and Ecuador, working with Lehigh student research assistants in each of these three settings. Professor Lasker also recently concluded several months as a fellow in residence at the Brocher Foundation in Geneva, an organization whose mission is "to host scientists and experts in the ethical, legal and social implications of the development of medical research and biotechnologies." While Professor Lasker writes a book about her findings, you can read an overview of her project on the website Criticalservicelearning.org.Lehigh University Sociology and Anthropology -Prof. Lasker & Ana Arteaga '12 on the road to a clinic in Haiti

Below, Prof. Lasker and fellows at the Brocher Foundation. At right: Prof. Lasker & Ana Arteaga '12 on the road to a clinic in Haiti.

Lehigh University Sociology and Anthropology - Prof. Lasker and fellows at the Brocher Foundation