Kelly Austin

Kelly Austin
Professor of Sociology,​ Department of Sociology and Anthropology
31 Williams Drive, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18015


Ph.D. in Sociology, North Carolina State University, 2012
Political Economy, Global Health, the Environment, Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methods
Recent Publications:
  • Burndt, Virginia and Kelly F. Austin. “Drought and Disproportionate Disease: An Investigation of the Percentage of HIV Cases among Women in Less-Developed Nations.” Forthcoming at Population & Environment.

  • Austin, Kelly F., Mark D. Noble, and Virginia Burndt. 2021. “Drying Climates, Food Insecurity and Unequal Vulnerabilities to HIV: A Cross-National Analysis of Women’s HIV in Less-Developed Nations.” Social Indicators Research 154(1): 313-334.

  • Austin, Kelly F. 2021. “Degradation and Disease: Ecologically Unequal Exchanges Cultivate Emerging Pandemics.” World Development 137(1): 105163.

  • Austin, Kelly F. and Laura A. McKinney. 2021. “Gendered Inequalities in HIV/AIDS: Investigating Linkages between Degradation, Disenfranchisement, Unemployment and Disease.” International Journal of Social Research 5:52.

  • Austin, Kelly F. 2020. “Opposing Observations and the Political-Economy of Malaria Vulnerability: A Community-Based Study in Bududa, Uganda.” Journal of World-Systems Research 26(1): 9-39.

  • Austin, Kelly F., Laura A. McKinney, and Mark D. Noble. 2020. “Climate Disasters Contaminate Women: Investigating Cross-National Linkages between Disasters, Hunger, and Women’s HIV in Less-Developed Nations.” Global Health Governance 10(1): 86-102.

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  • Austin, Kelly F. 2019. “Felling Trees, Furthering Malaria: Links Between Deforestation and Disease in Developing Nations.” Journal of Population and Sustainability 3(2): 13-32.

  • Austin, Kelly F. and Christel Banashek 2018. “Gender Inequality and Environmental Well-Being: A Cross-National Investigation of Ecosystem Vitality and Environmental Health.” Sustainability in the Environment 3(3): 256-276.

  • Austin, Kelly F. 2018. “The Potentials and Obstacles of Cross-National Research: Examining Unemployment and Young Women’s HIV in Less-Developed Nations.” Sage Research Methods Cases. DOI:

  • Austin, Kelly F. and Maria Theresa Mejia. 2017. “Indoor Air Pollution as a Silent Killer: Women's Status and Solid Fuel Use in Developing Nations.” Population and Environment 39(1): 1-25. 

  • Austin, Kelly F. 2017. "Brewing Uneuqal Exchanges in Coffee: A Qualitative Investigation into the Consequences of the Java Trade in Rural Uganda." Journal of World-Systems Research 23(2): 326-352.  

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