LaToya Council

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies


PhD, University of Southern California, 2022
Race, gender, class; work and family; health and wellness; intersectionality; qualitative methods

I am an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies. My research interests are race, gender, and class; work and family; health and wellness; and intersectionality. I am a multi-method qualitative researcher. The qualitiative approaches I often use in my research are archival research methods, interviews, and participant observation. My current research project focuses on heterosexual Black middle-class couples with children. I examine their time use related to work, family, and personal wellbeing. Other research projects I am involved with focuses on Black middle-class women's incorporation of place-making as a form of self-care. 

In terms of teaching, I identify as a teacher-scholar-activist, which means my research, teaching, and service are interconnected and focused on helping individuals and giving back to the communities who gave so much of their time to me. Much of my public-facing scholarship has been produced through children's media, as a children's book writer. I authored the first children's book about intersectionality, IntersectionAllies: We Make Room for All published by Dottir Press. 

When I'm not researching and teaching, you'll find me at a cool coffee-shop learning about coffee, baking something sweet, diving into a good book, or hanging with my cat Mimi.