Lehigh sociology highly visible at regional conference

One faculty member and three graduate students of the department will present their research at the Eastern Sociological Society's annual meeting in Baltimore (February 20-23, 2014). They are:

  • Noelle Katherine Smart (M.A. student): "Becoming 'Bros': Hegemonic Masculinity and Peer Influence in the Hazing Rituals of College Fraternities"
  • Kelly Austin (faculty member): "Dependency, Urban Slums, and the Forgotten Plagues: A Cross-National Analysis of Tuberculosis and Malaria in Less Developed Nations"
  • Yu Wang (M.A. student): "Unraveling International Connection: Does Foreign Direct Investment Increase Trade Dependency Among Countries? 1997-2011"
  • Alessandra M. Bazo-Vienrich (M.A. student): "In College & Undocumented: An Analysis of the Educational Trajectories of Undocumented Students in North Carolina"