Mark Noble

Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology
31 Williams Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18015


Ph.D. in Sociology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2016
Environmental Sociology, Global Health, Political Sociology, Quantitative Research Methods

Recent Publications: 

Austin, Kelly F., Mark D. Noble, and Virginia Burndt. 2021. “Dying Climates and Disproportionate Disease: Droughts and Women’s Vulnerability to HIV.” Social Indicators Research 154:313-334.

Austin, Kelly F., Mark D. Noble, and Laura A. McKinney. 2020. “Climate Disasters Contaminate Women: Investigating Cross-National Linkages between Disasters, Hunger, and Women’s HIV in Less-Developed Nations.” Global Health Governance 10(1): 86-102.

Noble, Mark D. 2019. “Democracy and Infant Mortality in Less-Developed Nations: Dismantling Differences in Direct and Indirect Effects Modeling.” Sociological Perspectives 62(3):282-307.

Noble, Mark D. 2017. “Chocolate and the Consumption of Forests: A Cross-National Examination of Ecologically Unequal Exchange in Cocoa Exports.” Journal of World-Systems Research 23(2):236-268.

Austin, Kelly F., Mark D. Noble, and Kellyn McCarthy. 2017. “Conditionality Contaminates Conservation: Structural Adjustment and Land Protection in Less-Developed Nations.” International Journal of Social Science Studies 5(5):46-58.

Noble, Mark D. and Kelly F. Austin. 2016. “Rural Disadvantage and Malaria Prevalence in Less-Developed Nations: A Cross-National Investigation of a Forgotten Disease.” Rural Sociology 81(1):99-134.

Austin, Kelly F., Mark D. Noble, and Maria Theresa Mejia. 2014. “Gendered Vulnerabilities to a Neglected Disease: A Comparative Investigation of Women's Legal Economic Rights and Social Status on Malaria Rates.” International Journal of Comparative Sociology 55(3): 204-228.

Austin, Kelly and Mark D. Noble. 2014. “Measuring Gender Disparity in the HIV Pandemic: A Cross-National Investigation of Female Health Resources, Income Inequality, and Disease in Less-Developed Nations.” Sociological Inquiry 8(1): 102-130.

Noble, Mark D. and Kelly F. Austin. 2013. “Gendered Dimensions of the HIV Pandemic: A Cross-National Investigation of Women’s International Non-Governmental Organizations, Contraceptive Use, and HIV Prevalence in Less-Developed Nations.” Sociological Forum 29(1): 215-239.

Bollen, Kenneth A., Mark D. Noble, and Linda Adair. 2013. “Are Gestational Age, Birth Weight, and Birth Length Indicators of Favorable Fetal Growth Conditions? A Structural Equation Analysis of Filipino Infants.” Statistics in Medicine, Vol. 32, 17:2950-2961.

Bollen, Kenneth A. and Mark D. Noble. 2011. “Structural Equation Models and the Quantification of Behavior.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol. 108, Supplement 3:15639-15646.