New book features student scholars

The Lehigh University Eckardt Scholars Program, Class of 2015 cohort, has published a book titled 'Look to the Sky' (2012). This book is a collection of fifteen short stories examining links between science fiction and sociology, originally written as final papers for the student-authors' First Year Eckardt Scholars Seminar taught by Professor Ziad Munson. From the back cover: "Written in the spirit of cross-disciplinary collaboration, Look to the Sky is a collection of science fiction short stories with sociological implications. After taking a seminar entitled 'Lasers, Aliens, and Black Holes: Studying Society Through Science Fiction,' students put their newly acquired skills to the test. Look to the Sky takes the reader on quests ranging from interplanetary wastelands to New York City. However, each obstacle set before the protagonists is a similar blend of jarring and unsettling, creating a sense of unification even in fifteen different worlds. Because when normality begins to unravel, what else is left but to look to the sky?" The book can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here. All proceeds go to the Eckardt Scholars Program and will be used to help fund undergraduate student research at Lehigh.