Department of Sociology and Anthropology | Contact

Chair: Dr. Ziad Munson, (610) 758-3821,


Phone: (610) 758-3810
Main office: Williams Hall Suite 280

General inquiries should be directed to, to the department's mailing address or its main phone and fax numbers (see the bottom of this page). Contact information for department faculty is located on each member's personal page.

To declare your sociology or anthropology major or minor, please email Dr. Ziad Munson to make an appointment to come in and declare your major or minor.

To get your Study Abroad Course Approval form or your Approval of Transfer Credit form signed, please leave the completed form with a full course syllabus for Dr. Ziad Munson's approval in the transfer credit bin on the desk in Suite 280. Forms without a course syllabus cannot be considered for approval. Forms will be sent to the Registrar office every Friday. Feel free to email Dr. Munson if you have any questions.

Lehigh University Department of Sociology & Anthropology, 31 Williams Drive, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18015

Phone (610) 758-3810; Fax (610) 758-6552