Below are specific guidelines about internships:

Anth 395 / SOC 395 (1-4 credits)

Supervised experience in a setting relevant to anthropology or sociology/social psychology. May be repeated once for credit. The default instructor for the course is the student's adviser. Prerequisite: open only to department majors. SS

Students opting to meet their major requirement are expected to be proactive in seeking an internship. There are a variety of agencies and opportunities that students have taken advantage of to fulfill the obligation -- see the list below, or download the spreadsheet containing more complete information. (Please note that the information contained in this spreadsheet is not exhaustive, and that it is a student's responsibility to arrange his/her own internship.)

1. Description of the work: 12-hrs./week at the internship (3 hours per credit at the internship)

2. Weekly Log. Submit a weekly log as email or whatever form arranged - descriptive and/or analytical about their week’s activities and/or meet with your professor as arranged. Answer any questions about your weekly entry raised by the professor responsible for you.

3. Five page paper. At the end of the term, submit a five page paper analysis of the learning experience, its meaning, what was learned, and what was not. Conclude with an evaluative statement placing the learning experience within the context of your educational career.

4. Grading is based on your insights and details in your weekly report or in discussions between you and your professor. Your answers to questions and issues raised by your professor and the merit found in your final paper are also part of the evaluation process.

5. Contact information. The student is responsible for providing the professor with the name of the person who will be directly supervising the intern and the email address or telephone number of that person.

6. Concerns. If the internship is not going as expected – for example, you are assigned some menial task for two or three times in a row, we will call the supervisor and ask about the intentions.

We will provide the supervisor with email and phone numbers so that if there are questions or the student fails to appear, they can call us about it. We also ask you to give out our evaluation form to your supervisor.

Examples of possible internship placements.


Childcare Center
Wellness Center
Office of Student Leadership Development
Global Citizens
Office of Multicultural Affairs
Centennial School of Lehigh University
Leadership Office
Alumni Association
Admissions Office
Human Resources
Athletic Department


Valley Youth House
Food and Friends
Alliance for Sustainable Communities
Hotel Bethlehem
Social Security Office, Bethlehem
Kirkland Village Life Care Community
St. Luke's Hospital - Dept. of Community Health
Lepoco Peace Center
Lehigh County Dept. of Corrections
Visiting Nurses Assoc. of Eastern, PA
Senior Centers of Bethlehem
Community Action Committee of Lehigh Valley (CACLV)
Health Bureau - Allentown or Bethlehem
Lehigh or Northampton County Probation office
Legal firms