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Student Research

It is the explicit aim of the department to involve majors, minors and other interested students in the ongoing research activities of faculty members. Second-semester sophomore, junior and senior students interested in a supervised research experience are encouraged to consult with the department chair or talk with the appropriate faculty member. Course credit can be received for research experience.

Support for student research

The department will fund up to $1000 for field research for an undergraduate student. No more than two projects will be funded in each semester. The student must be mentored by a sociology or anthropology faculty member. Applicants will submit a 2-page research description, a budget, and a letter of support from the faculty mentor to the department chair by November 1 or March 15. The application must identify a deliverable product at the end of the project, such as a thesis, a report for an external agency, or submitting a conference paper or poster proposal, which must be specified in the application. Applications will be reviewed by a faculty committee. Students applying for summer research are required to also apply for College of Arts and Sciences or Strohl undergraduate research grants.

Funding is available only to students declared as majors in the department of Sociology & Anthropology.